My reality AKA my life

My music

On my music I show you my favorite songs that i think you guys will like there are other things on this website that i hope you might like enjoy

  1. IVIVI
  2. locked away
  3. pity party
  4. pacify my room (mashup)
  5. Alive
  6. Hello
  7. paper planes


The Mission District is a peacefull place where anybody can be different and have fun.The Mission is mostly known for murals.there are many types of murals and most tell a story some of them are just to send a message to the people. Most murals are in alleys and some are just in buildings , i think the murals in the mission are a very unique thing for just a small part of a big city . The murals are very special to me and i hope that the murals will stay like they are right now.


Food my favorite part there are many of ways to be creative and expressing it with with food is one of them . Of cours you can use food for everyday (remember to do that) and you can use food for parties , sleepovers ,movie nights , ect. for this section of the website i am going to put some ideas to inspire you i hope you enjoy!